B.O.M.B. Squad to the Rescue!

By Jennie Kind

I love how living out of being loved can look so different. I have been challenged, comforted and reminded by that phrase over and over. Last Saturday our Bomb Squad kids and their parents got to participate in a service project. This was another picture of “living” our love.

We got to help put on an Easter Egg hunt at the Tacoma Rescue Mission’s family campus. It can be tricky coming up with kid friendly and age appropriate service opportunities for 3rd-5th grade kids and this one fit the bill so well.

Our kids got to tour the facility and hear about who gets to live there. The campus is very beautiful and even has a bit of a resort feel to it. There are common areas, teaching spaces and 45 dorm style rooms for families. The morning we were there 100 kids (and their families) had spent the night there.

Our kids hid about 1000 eggs, while eager eyes peeked out of the windows, then we got to go door to door inviting kids to the hunt. Slowly kids came out join us in the chilly air. Some kids took off like a shot and hunted eggs like pros, others were a little more tentative so we got to make sure they got their fair share.

It was a blessing to be there and serve God by serving others, living out of being loved.