Note to Self


This anonymous post was written by a member of the congregation as a reminder to himself that he could refer to often.

So….. What difference would it make in MY life if I lived out of being loved by God? I think it would mean that a lot of things that I perceive as being important, really aren’t. I know in my mind that I am loved by God, but do my everyday actions show that to others?

For me, the answer is no, sometimes yes, but mostly no. How do I get from point A to point B? I think that the answer is growth…… step by step.

This is what I need to do: First is a commitment to God that I really do want to grow. I know that I can’t do it alone, so I’ll need to stay in contact with Him through prayer every day…. sometimes every minute of every day.

Next, I need to hear what He has to say to me by reading His word often. I believe that I will receive the encouragement I need from Him.

Third, I need to let go, and let God! Easily said, right? I know that all things are possible with Him. He can even make changes in my life if I am willing.

2 thoughts on “Note to Self

  1. It’s good to be reminded. These are the basics that most of us that have followed Christ for any length of time know, should know, should remember.

    When in need or answers go back to the basics. That’s why living out of being loved by God makes so much sense. The depth of its simplicity rings true.


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